A Tie Round Your … Ankle


The ballet flats evolved. Mary Janes seem like evolved too – with ties. It is not something totally new of course, each of us has a pair of shoes with ankle tie, but its new for the flats and for the Mary Janes.

I am personally comfortable with this, just to give you one piece of advice. I received as a gift few months ago not very expensive pair of flats with ankle tie (I am not telling what the brand is), and I never managed to wear them. The reason is that they were so very uncomfortable that you can’t even imagine. And they were uncomfortable because of the firm as a stone sole, and as my foot was tied to it I had just two options either walk as a duck (without rising my feet off the ground) or desperately trying to do so and end up with horrible blisters.

So my advice is, when you buy a shoe with a tie, make sure that the sole is flexible enough to let you walk.

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