From High Street To Buy Street


The title says it clear enough – there are shoes for inspiration, but we also need shoes for our daily lives. The best option of course is to find shoes that are both inspirational and afforable (because I don’t know about you, but I can hardly limit my closet needs to 2-3 pairs per season). Otherwise as Carrie Bradshaw said in the SATC “I am literally the woman who’s living in her shoe”. You got the point, there is no need for more details why affordable is good.
One of the brands I like when I want to buy shoes a pair of shoes in its 3 available colors is forever21. I have visited their website yesterday, and once more was happy to see so many perfect designs that I can afford.
These are the once I chose. I’d be happy to see what your picks would be.
forever21 Burbank Faux Leather Boot – $29.80
forever21 Burbank Faux Leather Boot

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forever21 Meira Metallic Flats – $16.80
forever21 Meira Metallic Flats

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forever21 Lace Ballerina Flat – $18.80
forever21 Lace Ballerina Flats

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