New Fall Christian Louboutin’s – The Graffiti Collection!


Footcandy took the glove to introduce us into the so famous Graffiti Collection. I have picked a pair from each style for you to get the main idea behind the collection. For me these styles are completely new for Louboutin, thus make them so exciting.
Christian Louboutin Very Prive Graffiti Pumps
Christian Louboutin Very Prive Graffiti Pumps

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Christian Louboutin Ballerina Graf Flats
Christian Louboutin Balerina Graf Flats

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Christian Louboutin Mrs Boxe Graffiti Wedge
Christian Louboutin Mrs Boxe Graffiti Wedge

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8 Responses to “New Fall Christian Louboutin’s – The Graffiti Collection!”

  1. To be completely honest, i don’t like the graffitti line, because Christian’s shoes are always so up scale and so elagant. The graffitti line says “anybody can do this look” but as a designer he’s awsome, no doubt about it. I don’t personally own a pair of his shoes,cause im a college student and i can’t afford a pair, but i wouldnt by a pair from this line, but i love every pair that Oprah own.

  2. i love shoes and christian’s shoes says sexy and “I think im sexy ” if not that they say ” i want to be sexy” they make you look sexy the high heel , the sharpness of the shoe and the orginallaity of the shoes is why i like Christian as a designer.

  3. 3 melanie

    I love this line because it’s elegant and urban so it’s really chic

  4. 4 jonathan

    louboutin’s shoes always seem to be the peek of elegant sexyness which i can personally say i adore and strive to produce but the graffiti seems to be not quite on the same lines, you see this kind of graffiti in shoes often but in nike style trainers worn by chavs in all honesty, and graffiti itself is a criminal activity so i think the design is a clever take on the elegant poise of the cut then the crim of the graffiti is a very clever play so hats off and all that but i’m not sure what they could be worn with.

  5. 5 katie

    these shoes are very imaginative !! Not going to happen like :L

  6. 6 melanie. argentina

    esta buenisimo esta nueva tendencia!!!! me pregunto si estan en el comercio de argentina, porque nunca los vi, y me re gustan!

    gracias.. chau

  7. 7 dragana

    how can I by this shoes on internet if I am leaving in Serbia(Belgrade)???
    is that posible?? TNX

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