SimplySoles Have A Simple Question … What Is Your Potion


SimplySoles revealed what is the Helloween potion for their costumers, and are asking you, what is yours?
Here is the people’s choice, so lets take a look into the top flats, wedges, pumps & boots.
Flats – seems like the most preferrable pair of flats is Reese by Tory Burch (price tag $225.00).
SimpleSoles Reese by Tory Burch

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Wedges – the top choice amongst the wedges is this pair named Ranya by Delman, by the way it’ my pick from SimplySoles as well (price tag $295.00).
SimpleSoles Ranya by Delman

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Pumps – Claudia Cuiti. Well, at least here there are no suprises. There are two things about Claudia that will always set her in the top3 elegant designs – her family fashion history and being Italian. So here it is the synonym for elegance – Glory by Claudia Cuiti (price tag $290.00).
SimpleSoles Gloria by Claudia Cuiti

Image courtesy to

And of course – Boots. Don’t get me wrong, I love Frye, but this pair top pick? With a price tag of $400.00?
SimpleSoles Dorado Black Boot by Frye

Image courtesy to

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