New Arrivals: Christian Louboutin


These new arrivals in the distinguishable Christian Louboutin style just arrived in net-a-porter. I can only say that no man can spoil a woman in the same manner as he does. Just take a look at these three pairs below!

Christian Louboutin Bling Bling Platforms: €965.00; these platforms come in gold patent leather and feature oversized studded tonal crystals.
Christian Louboutin Bling Bling Platforms

Christian Louboutin Super T Shoes: €515.00; well these are super T indeed, have you seen something more T than that? They have distinguishable white patent leather heel that fits perfectly with the black T strap & the khaki patent leather ankle strap. There is no way you go unnoticed with these!
Christian Louboutin Super T Shoes

Christian Louboutin O My Sling Shoes: €390.00; sorry, girls,these are already sold out and as we can see for a reason. Absolutely stylish, although I do not like that the slingback is elastic
Christian Louboutin O My Sling Shoes



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